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Solar collectors, solar absorbers and solar systems SUNTIME:

The Sun

The sun is an indispensable resource of energy for life on earth, a resource which was neglected for centuries, although the volume of solar energy falling on earth many times exceeds the human need of energy. 1.8 x 1014 kW of solar energy reaches the earth surface. That is a great energy potential, which moves with atmosphere, oceans and ensures a resource of energy for all vital functions of organisms. The price of solar energy is at zero in comparison with fossil fuels and its usage is the eco-friendliest way of producing energy.

Solar collectors

The easiest way to use the solar radiation for producing energy is to place a flat-plate collector in sunbeam’s way. The solar radiation is converted into heat on the absorber’s surface. The heat is conducted away via a pump for further usage (water heating, backup heating).

Solar collectors SUNTIME

SUNTIME is a flat-plate collector of new generation using the most up-to-date materials, which ensure long useful life and high energy gain. It is intended for solar heating systems with natural or forced circulation of heat transfer medium with perennial operating time.

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Solar collectors

Solar absorbers

The solar absorber is the heart of SUNTIME solar collectors.

High selective coating (Sunselect, Eta+, TiNOX) turns
more than 95 % of solar radiation into heat.

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Solar radiation in Europe (kWh/m2 per year):

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