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Solar collector SUNTIME 2.5 - 5,5 m2

The construction of solar collector SUNTIME 2.5

The heart of SUNTIME is a full copper soldered absorber with high selective coating Sunselect, Eta+, TiNOX (95% convertion of solar radiation into heat and max. 5% loss by heat emission). The frame of the collector is produced from anodised aluminium profiles which do not require further usage of more glazing profiles.

The design of the frame prevents from capturing of snow on the front surface; this significantly increases the solar gains in wintertime. The front surface is covered with 4mm-thick solar hardened glass. For reduction of heat losses, the back surface is insulated with 30mm-thick mineral wool and 20mm-thick PUR-plate. The lateral surfaces are insulated with 20mm-thick mineral wool. SUNTIME is connected to the solar circuit with copper tubes with a 22mm diameter

Flow of heat transfer fluid:

Technical details of solar collecor

Aperture area9,2 m2
Absorption area9,15 m2
External dimension1895 mm x 5251 mm
Cover glasssolar glass 4 mm, safety glass
Connection to the circuitcopper tube 22mm diameter
Heat insulationmineral wool 30 mm + PUR 20 mm
Volume of heat transfer fluid5,5 l
Weight195 kg
Absorber’s surfacehigh selective coating
Solar absorption95 % ± 2 %
Thermal emission ratio by 100°4 % ± 2 %
Optical efficiency80 %
Recommended working temperaturedo 100 °C
Maximum overpressure of heat transfer fluid6 bar
Test pressure10 bar
Recommended flow rate200 – 600 l/h per collector
Collector’s frameanodised aluminium section
Energy gain*4000 – 6000 kWh per year

* Energy gain depends on the way of operating, south aspect, the inclination of the collector and geographical location.

Advantages of solar collectors SUNTIME

  • SUNTIME is easy to be installed
  • SUNTIME saves up to 75% of energy for water heating and up to 40% of energy for backup heating
  • SUNTIME attracts by its unique design
  • SUNTIME is a practical decoration of every house
  • SUNTIME – decreasing of dependence on rising prices of energy
  • SUNTIME – high efficiency; low heat losses
  • SUNTIME – utilization of diffuse radiation (if cloudy weather)
  • SUNTIME – high quality; optimal design; precise production
  • SUNTIME – expected useful life of 30 years
  • SUNTIME – 5-years warranty
  • SUNTIME – eco friendliness

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