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Solar collectors SUNTIME:

Solar collectors SUNTIMEand its effictiveness:

Solar collectors

The easiest way to use the solar radiation for producing energy is to place a flat-plate collector in sunbeam’s way. The solar radiation is converted into heat on the absorber’s surface. The heat is conducted away via a pump for further usage (water heating, backup heating).

Save money with SUNTIME solar collectors

You can cover 50 to 65% of the yearly hot water demand with solar energy and a properly dimensioned system.

In the summer, the entire demand for hot water can be, in most cases, provided for by the solar heating system. Then the conventional heating system can be completely shut off. This is particularly advantageous, because in this time period it only works with a low rate of capacity utilization due to the lack of heating demand.

One can use the available solar energy even better, when washing machines and dishwashers with hot water connections come into use, instead of traditional appliances

Solar collectors SUNTIME

SUNTIME is a flat-plate collector of new generation using the most up-to-date materials, which ensure long useful life and high energy gain. It is intended for solar heating systems with natural or forced circulation of heat transfer medium with perennial operating time.

Solární kolektor

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Solar collectors SUNTIME 2.2 - 2.5

Large-area installations for domestic and industrial purposes, as well as vertical and facade installations are easier now. We have developed a highly effective system with easy mounting features.

Flow of heat transfer fluid:

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Advantages of solar collectors SUNTIME

  • SUNTIME is easy to be installed
  • SUNTIME saves up to 75% of energy for water heating and up to 40% of energy for backup heating
  • SUNTIME attracts by its unique design
  • SUNTIME is a practical decoration of every house
  • SUNTIME – decreasing of dependence on rising prices of energy
  • SUNTIME – high efficiency; low heat losses
  • SUNTIME – utilization of diffuse radiation (if cloudy weather)
  • SUNTIME – high quality; optimal design; precise production
  • SUNTIME – expected useful life of 30 years
  • SUNTIME – 5-years warranty
  • SUNTIME – eco friendliness

Solar radiation in Europe (kWh/m2 per year):

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